What we do

JAN 2022



2022 - 2023

Employment - Grace Recruitment Limited

At Grace Recruitment Ltd we are looking to disperse of the myths that using agencies is expensive and time consuming.  This is partly true should the recruitment agency get it wrong.

The cost per vacancy is around £3,500 in our current climate taking into consideration COVID 19 and the implementation of vaccination requirements.  The end of Free movement in the EU has made  recruitment processes more difficult and frustrating.

As a person centred agency and to avoid high turnover of staff we prefer to work on a permanent or contracted basis, although understand the need for cover for sickness and holidays by way of temporary employment.

We have chosen to specialise in 5 areas with support from Gracies Counselling and Advocacy Service and Lili's Street wise Angels.

  1. Domcillary Care and Homeworkers
  2. Social work and Families
  3. Personal Assistants for Young Persons
  4. Young Person Support Services
  5. Mental Health and well-being and recovery services

Yes permanent and contracted takes longer to fill and more stringent checks must be taken but it ensures continuity of staff and will make your clients more comfortable knowing that they get continued support and assistance from someone they will get to know and trust.

Contact: LF-Gracerecruitmentltd@outlook.com

or email CV to Jobs4GraceRec@gmail.com

Tel: 07713 370581

Mental Health - Wellbeing and Recovery

Gracies Counselling & Advocacy

Lisa Freeman is an independent and qualified Eclectic Counsellor and her work is centred around choosing the right way to interact with her clients in order to meet there specific needs.  

As a counselling and advocacy provider at Gracies Counselling and Advocacy Service we like to use a combination of therapies, tasks and self-help to combat and improve your personal circumstances and life outcomes.

Self Healing, independency and individuality is at the centre of  Lisa's work.  

She understands that each and every person is unique, how we function differently, how we recover differently and how we have different views and opinions from each other and that's what essentially makes us human.

Therefore we take a person and environment centred approach and allow a trusted, non-judgemental and empathetic relationship to ensue.

We currently assist with the following:

Anxiety Disorders (GAD, Phobias and OCD)

Depression (Low mood)

Relationships (Divorce, Separation, relationship counselling)

Impulse Control and Addiction

Trauma (Abuse, self-harm, bereavement)

Domestic Violence/Low Self Confidence

We currently only offer one to one counselling sessions at the moment and once initial consultation is complete a joint plan of recovery or assistance will be implemented.

£20 - Adult (per 1 hour session)

£10 - Child  (per 1 hour session)

Contact us graciesyphub@outlook.com

Tel: 07827 030861

Young People Support Services 11 - 21 years

Lili's Street Wise Angels

We can help promote and support young and vulnerable persons leaving care, teenage mums (mums to be), physical and learning difficulties, autism and mental health issues.

We are a family and young person centred agency whom promotes independence, self sufficency and self-reliance in every day living.

We can support independent living by:

  1. Accessing the community, employment and training 
  2. Counselling Services (Gracies Counselling)
  3. Life-Skills - cooking, cleaning, budgeting in order to become self-sufficinet
  4. Chaparone to health appointments, social or community functions
  5. Administer Medication within reason and following care plan
  6. Personal Hygiene, advice and guidance on relationships
  7. Meal Preparation, shopping and cooking
  8. Job searches, CV writing, employment and interview advice (Grace Recruitment)

Contact Us: lilisangels@Outlook.com

Future Services

The Lili and Grace Group have big ideas for the future but can only tackle one issue at a time. 

Therefore Lili and Gracies Telephone and Online advice Lines and Drop In Centres will compliment our 3 services all ready in play. 

We love what we do and look forward to working within the local community and with business in order to make change.